Waldemar Rychły:

A very well-known musician from Poznań. Basically an architect by profession. Together with his brother Maciej Rychły they established a group called “Kwartet Jorgi”, which is considered as a legendary music group. This group has supposed to have put fundament for today’s folk music scene. “Kwartet Jorgi” performed all over Poland during 80’s and 90’s,  took part in many festivals, including England, Czech Republic, France, Germany, the USA and Venezuela. Waldemar or Waldek as one may call him, plays guitar since many years and finds his inspiration in classical, jazz and folk music as well as from the world music. Studying the scalable right harmony used by Hucułs cymbals allowed him to develop unconventional playing techniques of the guitar. He has collaborated with many theaters, and his music was getting on the film soundtrack. He has recorded several albums. One of special regime of Waldek is that he composes live music for the old silent films. Another speciality of  Waldek is, he is also very much interested in Indian Classical Music.